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2015: A Short Review

2015 is nearing to an end.. it has been a good year for me with only a few unwanted incidents. My happiness was mainly revolved around my family, with my eldest son, Azam got a place to further his studies in IP Gaya which mean a teaching career will pursue upon completing the 5-year teaching course to obtain a degree in education. My second son, Azim, is still continuing his Diploma in automotive and so far, he doesn't show any signs of quitting.

A few setbacks throughout the year;  my younger brother was admitted and diagnosed with heart attack for the second time and he is due to undergo an operation any time soon. Fingers crossed, he will be ok.

p/s .. a very short note from me...



Remembering MH370

A friend asked me this question: what's your opinion on the missing plane MH370? I looked into his face and said nothing.
I was dumbfounded.  My brain raced to find the most sophisticated answer I could. But nothing came out. NOTHING!

Does my opinion even matter? Can I change anything? With speculations after speculations, do we have any opinion of our own anymore? People seemed to base their opinions on what they read or heard and even worse took part in the dissemination of false information. 

Can't we just give it a rest? Be patient and wait for as long as it takes for the truth to be uncovered. It isn't easy. It's even worse for the families of the ill-fated plane but playing the blaming game is out of the question now. We are with you, our thoughts, our prayers, our love.

So back to the question,  what's my opinion?
I can only answer this, I HAVE NO OPINION!

Hoping for Miracles

It's hard to pen down my thoughts on the missing aircraft,  Malaysian Airlines,  MH370. 

How would you describe sadness? How would you react to sadness?

In an hour or so, or less, it will be a week since the ill-fated aircraft went missing. The fate of the passengers and crew members are still unknown.

The agony the families of MH370 have to go through is unbearable. It breaks my heart seeing them cry. Only God knows how they feel.

I can't do anything to ease the pain or to change what has already happened.. but I do believe in the power of prayers.. so let's say our prayers in whatever religions we are and hope for miracles to happen.


13 Lunches to New Year 2013

Mission accomplished!
So there you are.. all my lunches before the new day of 2014.

Get to know me from what I ate this past few days..
I am what I eat!

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